1. Query list: enable return type for fields of type 'Person or Group': ID, LoginName, Title, Department, etc.

  2. Allow Copy and Paste of controls within Responsive Forms  ·  completed

  3. Cannot connect to the workflow manager to check the name of this workflow. (Unexpected response data from server.)

  4. Update the Query Search action to support Result Sources in SharePoint 2013

  5. Allow People Picker be used in a validation rules - New Responsive designer - Nintex Forms O365

  6. A solution to query Active Directory, User Profile Service (Sharepoint), SQL and webservices in general  ·  completed

  7. collapse groups (New responsive)  ·  under review

  8. Ability to add roles to a responsibility  ·  Open for voting

  9. Add sorting to the SharePoint Query List action  ·  Open for voting

  10. New Responsive Designer Close button in header  ·  Open for voting

  11. Cascading lookup to pull filtered data from a single list  ·  Open for voting

  12. Support for External Data in Repeating Section  ·  Open for voting

  13. Workflow Errors  ·  Released

  14. New Responsive Form - Cancel Button  ·  Open for voting

  15. Active Directory People Picker  ·  completed

  16. Allow for conditional formatting in responsive form.  ·  completed

  17. Create a new data type for Currency  ·  planned

  18. Add an option to the query list action to assist in getting around the 5000 item list threshold

  19. Improved functionality to search/assign responsibilities and roles  ·  planned

  20. Embed New Responsive form into web part  ·  Open for voting

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