1. Offline Caching of data used by a Form  ·  completed

  2. Web service to query delegation  ·  Open for voting

  3. Query/Parse JSON Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint 2019

  4. Allow connecting a New Responsive Designer Label field to a list field  ·  completed

  5. Bring form control name through in Repeating Section XML in New Responsive Designer  ·  Open for voting

  6. New Responsive Designer hide "Close" Nintex button in header.  ·  Open for voting

  7. control of the delete button in repeating section - responsive form  ·  Open for voting

  8. New Responsive Form Lookup function to return multiple value  ·  Open for voting

  9. Update the Classic Designer Controls to look the same as the Responsive controls  ·  Open for voting

  10. Add a loading icon or loading text when new responsive form is loading  ·  declined

  11. Asynchronous Database queries

  12. New Responsive ability to disable Repeating Section  ·  Open for voting

  13. Responsive forms rule to populate people control  ·  under review

  14. Prevent Responsive Form from stripping HTML tags in Rich Text control  ·  Open for voting

  15. Allow the People picker control to query AzureAD  ·  Open for voting

  16. Allow for passing dynamic filter in external data column control  ·  Open for voting

  17. Capture Last Task Respondant for "Request Data" Actions

  18. SQL Request control for Nintex Mobile

  19. improve data lookup control with multi-value fields and more  ·  started

  20. Cannot connect to the workflow manager to check the name of this workflow. (Unexpected response data from server.)

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