1. Default Value for Data Lookup  ·  planned

  2. Retrieve data in Nintex online  ·  Open for voting

  3. Page Break Functionality in New Responsive Design - Nintex Forms O365

  4. Support Responsive Forms for Nintex Mobile PC / Windows 10

  5. "Query List" action should allow RecursiveAll

  6. Store data in Nintex Online  ·  Open for voting

  7. Delegation of Process Responsibilities  ·  planned

  8. Duplicate a previous data entry in a repeating section in responsive form  ·  Open for voting

  9. "Publisher Action" Setting on Query the User Profile action, not requiring a fixed password, using the publisher's permisions  ·  completed

  10. Support for Multilingual SharePoint Site with New Responsive Nintex Forms - Attachment Button Translation "Select Files"  ·  under review

  11. Custom Form JavaScript and CSS. CSS Classes per control for (On-Premise) Nintex Responsive Forms  ·  Open for voting

  12. Add support for Business Connectivity Services (BCS) External Data column on Nintex Form  ·  Open for voting

  13. New Responsive Forms in AppStudio

  14. Query/Parse XML action

  15. Remove 5000 items limit on List Lookups on New Responsive Forms  ·  Open for voting

  16. Add new Hide Control option (visibility:hidden) to Responsive Forms  ·  completed

  17. Data Look up from SQL Server on a Form  ·  planned

  18. Adding Button and Page Viewer controls in New Responsive Design  ·  Open for voting

  19. Extend the Action Set action to include error handling

  20. Allow multiple values in Store data action  ·  Open for voting

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