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  1. apikey support for SMTP delivery option

    Cut-off Deadline for implementation is December 09, 2020

    Currently the SMTP delivery option works by entering the username (restricted to be an email address) and password

    Most SMTP email delivery services have moved or are moving to an apikey based approach to integration. SendGrid is disallowing user id/password based authentication on Dec 9, 2020

    Request to support apikey based integration with SMTP email services

    In this for SendGrid, the user name would be “apikey” so the form needs to accept a user name that is not in a email format

    Password needs to be able to support the api key…

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    Released  ·  Samuel Sysum responded

    Support for non-email based usernames has now been release, you can upgrade to the latest version of Drawloop to continue using SendGrid.

    One note: when configuring your SMTP delivery option, you will see a new “From Email Address” field, you will want to provide an email address that will be displayed to email recipients when sending your emails through SendGrid. Previously we used the email address from your email based credentials as the From Address, now you will need to define this manually.

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